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Welcome to Arslan Ijaz Accounting Solutions

The Professionalism Your Accounting Needs

About Arslan Ijaz


Arslan Ijaz, a Chartered Certified Accountant, with over 5 years of international experience is establishing his accounting firm in Finland to provide unparalleled personalized accounting service experience to a broad range of clients.

As your certified accountants, I am here to ensure that all of your accounting record is kept up to date so that you can focus on expanding your business. I am ready to serve as your financial advisor, tax planner, and guide along your path to success.

To know more about Arslan Ijaz, check my Linkedin profile by clicking my picture.

About Us

The Industries We Know

Being a food courier himself, we know the pain to run a business especially as a Food Courier or a Taxi driver, spending whole day driving. That is why at Arslan Ijaz, we provide personalized accounting service to Food Couriers (Wolt and Foodora etc.) and Taxi Drivers.

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Think about expanding your business and let us handle the accounting side of yours. We will manage your financial statements as required by applicable Accounting standards and Finnish law.

VAT Return Filing

Confused about how the VAT system works in Finland. Let us handle your VAT side. We will prepare your VAT returns and submit it on your behalf to the tax authorities.

Contact us to know that how you can claim VAT if you are earning less than 30,000 euros per year.

Tax Accounting

Not sure how taxable income is calculated and how to manage your taxes? We are here to provide support by preparing your financial statements as per law so that you don't have to think about back taxes or pay over taxes.  


Plans & Pricing

Register now and enjoy free company registration and consultation.

Full Membership

€ 50

Production of Income statement and Balance sheet on Monthly Basis.

Priority response about a query or a statement in max 24 hours.

VAT Payment schedule i.e. monthly, quarterly etc. as required.

Tax return filing once a year.

Basic Membership

€ 40

Production of Income statement and Balance sheet once a year.


Any query will be responded in 2 days atleast.


VAT Payment schedule i.e. monthly, quarterly etc. as required.

Tax return filing once a year.

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